Planting acorns

Today we planted 133 acorns, hoping for a few Oak trees to plant in the new area of land we are buying from Farmer Joe. They should grow to replace the protection of the old trees along the West bank of the moat, which are starting to look a little old and will need some work on them soon. I also planted one Horse Chestnut – I haven't got any more seeds yet!!!!

We went shopping for more things for the kitchen, getting the wall lights and a new central light fitting.

 On our way we stopped off to watch Al playing football for his new team this year. They are a lot better than the old team, more disciplined and Al madea  great cross which led to their third goal. They eventually won 3-2.

We got back for 4pm to meet the neighbours (137a) and local concillor to discuss the plans we have for a Caravan club CL site. They seemed pleased with the items we had marked for work on, and allayed their fears over items like the entrance gateway etc. Hopefully this should all go through now.

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