Electrcians nearly finished….

Nearly three days late and they are nearly finished…. One more visit on Friday and we should be done for new electrics in the kitchen.

The hole is nearly all opened up, the old fireplace is being repaired, as when farmer Joe moved the Rayburn he smashed a hole in the chimney breat to take teh flue. This has meant the wall has dropped slightly. With all the cracking, we decided it would be best to dismantle all that was loose, rebuild the arch and build the wall back up.

In doing this we found that the wall we are rebuilding is a false wall, built when we don't know. The original wall has also be dismantled quite a bit, so we are having to rebuild that as well!!!  This will mean we block any holes to the upper bedroom, stopping any blowback of fumes if we have a downdraught.

Today I have been busy dressing the bricks for Jo's Dad John, and putting up the outside lamp standard for electrican John to wire up.

The extra piece of land next to the paddock, which used to be the hard standing is gradually being hand raked (after being harrowed and rolled) and sown with grass. I hope this warm weather holds out for a few more days to give it a chance at growing.

All we need to do in the kitchen now is strip the beams and get the plasterer in. The Oak to make the units should by then have arrived and we can get started on building it……

 Famous last words.

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