Is it me or are we just suffering bad luck?

The elctricians finished……

The Acorns have already started sprouting, we have 5 shooting up.

The rayburn has been moved and almost finished. We ran into building control problems. Moving it 5 feet meant we had to have a new stainless flexible flue liner installed, cap the chimney and what bugs me the most, after being told we couldn’t have single glazing as we should stop all draughts, is we now have to have two air bricks installed to give us plenty of draughts!!!!!!!!!

I’m busy with work, Jo is away teaching and here are our problems and the reason all work has stopped..

Jo’s Dad thinks he has cracked a rib on the scaffolding, so is of for at least another week, he’s already had 3 days off.

The electrican has had a hip replacement

The plumber got burgled, while he was asleep!!

Not to worry, Jo is home next week, I should have all my work out the way and we can get down to building again, so our plans for a kitchen for Xmas are looking unlikely.

I have to finish roughing up the walls and covering the electrics yet before the plasterers can move in. We have also decided to change all the doors, so that also means new fframes. Solid Oak is the choice to match the units, so a further order went in adn it was all delivered last week, so once John is feeling better adn has finished on the roof, he’ll be making a start on the joinery.

On the pleasant side, who’d think that in the UK I’d be out cutting the grass on the 19th November? I was mostly collecting leaves, as the hardstanding which has been covered with top soil and grass seeded was covered in them, but when I got to the paddock, even though I was cutting at the tallest setting, I still removed a fair amount of grass…….

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