Happy Christmas everyone

It’s Xmas tomorrow and all work has been done, time to relax and enjoy a few days off with some good food, wine adn most importantly family and friends.

I’ve just cleaned out the chickens, who have supplied us witha few eggs so it’s bacon, egg adn chips for tea tonight!! Good old Hogan and Goldie, I hope they continue laying now they have started, pay back some of the food and housing bills 🙂

 After that it was unblock the kitchen drain. Luckily it was mostly leaves, so I’m not too smelly now it is cleared.

The acorns I’ve planted are doing well. Of the ones planted inside we now have around 20 growing and the Horse Chestnut has started as well.

This si good as the 1/3 acre extra land which we have been in the process of buying completed on Thursday the 21st, so after Xmas it will be erecting 120m of fencing and digging holes for trees and bushes. Hopefully the Forest of Mercia should be supplying us with some native trees, when the Oaks have grown enough they will go out, we have an Ash tree which self seeded and has grown by one of the barns, which will be moved and our Xmas tree this year has roots, so we’ll try planting that out in the new year and hope it continues to grow.

The chicken will move into a new luxury pad, with larger outdoor run and I can start digging the new vegetable patch. This should provide us with enough veg to last a good time…… Now where should I buy good tools from…..

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