Chasetown FC, the replay

Well the first tie had everyone on their toes, as Chasetown took a well deserved lead, only to be pegged back to 1-1 at the end. The replay saw 2,700 Chasetown fans take to the roads in 29 coaches and plenty of private cars. This is the largest away crowd Oldham have seen in many a year, and in fact made up nearly 40% of the total crowd. We out sang them before, during and after the match, even though we went down 4-0, we had the greater part of the play and it was a shame that they took … Continue reading Chasetown FC, the replay

Alex passes his driving test

Well, today Alex passed his driving test. I expect if he can borrow his Mom’s car he will be over later today. This just gives me one more thing to worry about now….   No wonder our parents always seemed to be paranoid, I am now LOL.

Sunday’s hot news

Last Saturday Alex, Dave, Farlie, Phil and I had our heads shaved for charity. Around £5-600 has been raised to go to cancer research. Rob, Alex, Dave and Farlie’s friend has his leukemia back, so it was for comradeship as well as money raising. Good for them, nice to see the younger generation having some thought other than themselves. See the video here, Well on Friday Mom and Dad came over with Lucia. We picked beans about 10lbs, Plums over 26lbs and a few apples, tomatoes, cucumbers and 1 marrow. We then had a production line running, cutting, slicing … Continue reading Sunday’s hot news

Playing catch up on news

Just a quick run down on what’s been happening. Alex has passed his theory driving test, which is bad news as he’ll be taking his practical shortly, then we won’t have a car as he tries to borrow it everyday !!!!!!! The new ride on lawn mower is causing a few arguements. I want to cut the grass everyday, Jo wants me to do the washing up. It’s certainly been agood investment though, as the paddock is now cut in around 45 minutes, rather than two people taking about an hour and a half. We still have the small mound … Continue reading Playing catch up on news

3rd Wedding Anniversary

12th of July 2005 was our third wedding anniversary, so we took the day off work and went out shopping. We came back with a few bits and bobs, and a ride on lawnmower. You’ll be able to see us testing it shortly, when I have a chance to upload the video clip. The rest of the day we pottered in the garden and generally lazed around, making good use of the glorious weather. The next day was back to work, but I had a few things to sort on the house, so we had a guy come round to give … Continue reading 3rd Wedding Anniversary

Gardening today….

The weather is glorious, so we decided not to work, as we had planned, and off we went to the garden centre. Lots of £’s later we left and came home to plant everything. We thought it would take us all day we had so many. Well it’s now 17.00, we’ve been at it for 4 hours, the weeds are nearly all out and the plants are placed and ready to go in Only problem is there aren’t nearly enough of them, so it looks like another trip tomorrow and a few more £’s lighter the job of planting one sixth of … Continue reading Gardening today….

Batman comes calling

We had Batman come to see us today, well ok, not the real one, but a chap from English Nature. He had to check out the roof space to see if we had bats living in there. If we did we wouldn’t be able to do the work to the roof that we need to. Luckily for us he couldn’t find any sign of bats living in the loft. He stayed until dusk had set in and then we went on a bat hunt. I’d already seen some a while ago, but only a couple so I didn’t know how successful … Continue reading Batman comes calling

The House Warming Party

The house warming party took place on May 29/30th, the Spring Bank Holiday Weekend. Out of all our friends and relations who where invited we had over 50 guests on the Sunday and 35 on the Monday. The paddock was host to several tents as 20+ people camped overnight. Farmer Joe lent us his big gas bbq, this was a bonus, as we cooked lunch, dinner, breakfast, lunch and dinner with it…. I don’t know, but I’m sure I did 1000’s of sausages, burgers spare ribs etc. The weather was kind to us, as everyone had a great time, asking … Continue reading The House Warming Party

The day of the move to nearly today

Thursday 21st April Well a bit of a break from the blog as we moved house and became 1. Telephone and internet less2. Busy 🙂 Anyway, here’s the latest Yesterday I took the glass out of the multi fuel burner doors as it had cracked and the old owner had found the new pieces he had bought a while ago.There are paper like gaskets to go between the glass and the cast iron clamps. Didn’t think it’d be much of a problem to find them, but having looked all over the fire I couldn’t see a make on it at … Continue reading The day of the move to nearly today