Happy Christmas everyone

It’s Xmas tomorrow and all work has been done, time to relax and enjoy a few days off with some good food, wine adn most importantly family and friends. I’ve just cleaned out the chickens, who have supplied us witha few eggs so it’s bacon, egg adn chips for tea tonight!! Good old Hogan and Goldie, I hope they continue laying now they have started, pay back some of the food and housing bills 🙂  After that it was unblock the kitchen drain. Luckily it was mostly leaves, so I’m not too smelly now it is cleared. The acorns I’ve … Continue reading Happy Christmas everyone

Tell me is this a good day or a bad one?

I’m up to my eyes in getting work out for Xmas. I’m trying to get this new project off the ground. The kitchen still isn’t anywhere near done. It’s freezing cold. It’s pouring with rain. Jo’s away and I’m missing her.         I’ve just made a cup of tea and stood for 5 minutes watching the Geese and Ducks on the moat, Tits, Sparrows and Robin eating the seed, a Great Spotted Woodpecker on the nuts and a Heron has flown overhead. From the other window the Buzzard is back and sitting on our corner fence post. … Continue reading Tell me is this a good day or a bad one?

Is it me or are we just suffering bad luck?

The elctricians finished…… The Acorns have already started sprouting, we have 5 shooting up. The rayburn has been moved and almost finished. We ran into building control problems. Moving it 5 feet meant we had to have a new stainless flexible flue liner installed, cap the chimney and what bugs me the most, after being told we couldn’t have single glazing as we should stop all draughts, is we now have to have two air bricks installed to give us plenty of draughts!!!!!!!!! I’m busy with work, Jo is away teaching and here are our problems and the reason all … Continue reading Is it me or are we just suffering bad luck?

Electrcians nearly finished….

Nearly three days late and they are nearly finished…. One more visit on Friday and we should be done for new electrics in the kitchen. The hole is nearly all opened up, the old fireplace is being repaired, as when farmer Joe moved the Rayburn he smashed a hole in the chimney breat to take teh flue. This has meant the wall has dropped slightly. With all the cracking, we decided it would be best to dismantle all that was loose, rebuild the arch and build the wall back up. In doing this we found that the wall we are … Continue reading Electrcians nearly finished….

More acorns in their pots

Another 99 acorns have been planted, so we now have 232 oak trees hopefully going to be sprouting….. Today is the third fine day on the trot, so I'm harrowing the ground we had top-soiled a couple of weeks ago and after a short break for lunch I now have to collect up all the big bricks adn stones and then get the roller on the back of the tractor adn roll the soil before getting the grass seed in before the winter sets in.

Planting acorns

Today we planted 133 acorns, hoping for a few Oak trees to plant in the new area of land we are buying from Farmer Joe. They should grow to replace the protection of the old trees along the West bank of the moat, which are starting to look a little old and will need some work on them soon. I also planted one Horse Chestnut – I haven't got any more seeds yet!!!! We went shopping for more things for the kitchen, getting the wall lights and a new central light fitting.  On our way we stopped off to watch Al … Continue reading Planting acorns

Todays kitchen hole update

On further investigation the hole from the chimney appears to be an access route from outside. As the weather is so nice today I'll be in the garden for most of it, but I intend to do some more digging later. Here is the link to the full discussion at Period Property http://periodpropertyshop.co.uk/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=6606&postdays=0&postorder=asc&start=0

Found a hole in my kitchen wall.

Some posts from me to a Period Property froum I'ma  member of, asking for help. Thought it would be nice to record it here as well, as I try to get back on top of my blogging.  Sunday 24th Spetember 2006  During the removal of the plaster from the kitchen I came across this… http://www.myvideoproblems.com/testfiles/personal/kitchen/kitchenhole.htm I'm not sure what it is…. some sort of oven? It matches the rest of the wall, in that the edges of it use rounded edge bricks the same as the two ends of the wall of which it is in the middle. It is … Continue reading Found a hole in my kitchen wall.

Been quite………

It’s been very quite on the blogging front… due to much work taking place on the house. All the major work for the engineer and mortgage company has been finished, making and attaching metalwork to support beams, repointing chimneys etc. We then moved on to the kitchen, which so far has been slow in progress. The design stage took a while to get to how we wanted, then it was a nightmare dealing with planning to try to re-install single glazed windows. We have double glazed aluminium at present in most windows. The conservation officer wanted us to put in … Continue reading Been quite………