UPS recycling, batteries and such

I once heard a technology consultant say “You can do that?” when I said change the batteries in the ups. I think that is sort of sad. You do not take the car to the dump, landfill or crusher just because it has a dead battery. That said I have a shelf full of dead ups’s that need new homes and new batteries. I replaced a few batteries in an APC 1400 ups. I looked on my shelf at 1100 ups. I thought I might test the 1100 with the new 1400 batteries but the 1100 had much smaller batteries and … Continue reading UPS recycling, batteries and such

When is d: not D:?

In days of old I installed SBS2000 using the defaults. I made an 8-10 gig C: partition and a D: for SQL and all was well for a while. The users started getting email and the C: partition started filling up. So I moved the priv.edb and priv.stm to the D: partition. I learned best practice is to make sure the Exchange databases, the ClientApps, Users folder and Company folder are on the D: partition. I now try to leave the operating system stuff on the C: partition and everything else on the D: or E: On the old servers I went ahead and move those files off the … Continue reading When is d: not D:?