When is d: not D:?

In days of old I installed SBS2000 using the defaults. I made an 8-10 gig C: partition and a D: for SQL and all was well for a while. The users started getting email and the C: partition started filling up. So I moved the priv.edb and priv.stm to the D: partition. I learned best practice is to make sure the Exchange databases, the ClientApps, Users folder and Company folder are on the D: partition. I now try to leave the operating system stuff on the C: partition and everything else on the D: or E: On the old servers I went ahead and move those files off the C:. Life is good.

Now it is time to install SBS SP1. It fusses about not enough C: drive space even though you have gigs of free space. The cure to that false error is a registry edit to reflect that the ClientApps is no longer on the C: drive. SP1 installs and life is good again.

I started a SBS2003 in place upgrade. Old hardware but the account does not use the server that much. A P3 1 gig with a gig of ram and scsi hard drives will work ok for accounts that just do files and email. I started the SBS2003 upgrade. Server 2003 installs just fine and reboots. The second stage of the SBS setup where Sharepoint, Exchange 2003 and other tidbits install bombs in seconds without warning. It bombs again and again. The SBS team does a pretty good job of documenting the setup so troubleshooting starts by searching out the new .log and new.txt files to see what is going on. I googled and found no answers. I saw nothing in the logs and gave up. I called Paid Service and Support for help. I have only so much patience and a few hours on the same problem was enough. The tech watched me do my install. He read the logs. He was stumped. We went to www.sysinternals.com and downloaded filemon and regmon. Those programs were started just before I clicked the magic click to get the setup going. They showed some av activity even though I had disabled all av services. I uninstalled the av programs and rebooted. Same problem after the reboot but no av file activity. No new errors in logs or event viewer or anywhere.

Well I was game to do my swing migration http://www.sbsmigration.com/. I have done a half dozen or so of them. They all worked great. I had all the stuff I needed. I can swing in a few hours and have a “new“ scratch install of SBS2003 with all the user and computer accounts intact. I told the tech I was about done with this stuff. I had spent a few hours of my own messing with this and 3.5 hours with PSS. The PSS guys hate to give up. They said hold on just a little bit longer our setup troubleshooting guys are looking at it. I am not paying much attention but I do see them in the registry. They changed d:\ClientApps to D:\ClientApps. We tried the setup again and it ran. Well isn’t that silly. I have often seen registry edits where they have stuff like ThisIsImportant instead of thisisimportant. I always thought it was just to make things more readable. Is the registry case sensitive?

If I can type, long story short may not be found here.

BGB? What is that? I was born and raised in Ohio. My first 23 years in Ohio except for 364 days in Michigan when I was still in diapers. The next half of my life I have lived Georgia. Buckeye Gone Bad. But I don’t think I will ever have an affinity to Bulldogs or Yellow Jackets. I was a Golden Flash before I moved down here. Who knows the school?






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