Keep your server up to date? Bios can bite you.

I had a server delivered that just was a squirelly thing. When delivered it seemed to work just fine. After I left and it was actualy in service was when the adventure began. It would do random blue screens. The event log was useless as the codes did not give me any clues. I tried to use some debug tools but I did not make any sense of things. Susan had mentioned somethng about the blue screen king at Microsoft. Last MVP Summit I attended I met the blue screen king. Maybe I did not meet him but I saw him talking to Susan. When I got back home I got his email, zipped up a crash and sent it off. A few days later he said that the problem was out of date bios on the server. The problem should go away with an update to service pack 1. The obvious thing to do was to update the bios first and then run the service pack. I did both and the server has been quiet ever since.

I know some people have some religion about bios updates. They might install ever latest bios as they see them. I am from the if it is not broke bios school. The frustration was that the blue screen gave no indication to me as to the problem. The expert dug in and saw the problem quickly and gave a solution.

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