I can’t see shares on the server!

 startRunCmd and enteripconfig/allThe gateway, dns and wins should be your SBSPing ip of gateway or your SBS if the gateway is not the same as your WINS If you can ping your server great. If you have a Dell go to servicesStartRun Services.mscMake sure Network Location Awareness is set to automatic.Go to your network properties.click on AdvancedAdvanced settingsMake sure that your LAN is at the top. StartControl PanelUser AccountsUser AccountsAdvancedManage Passwords You could reboot for th enla and nic stuff to stick. The cleared passwords problem should work right away. I also clear passwords in Internet Explorer. Tools/Internet Options/Content and … Continue reading I can’t see shares on the server!

Blindsided by the US daylight savings time?

Blindsided by the new US daylight savings time?   I am going to be out of town that weekend. Lucky me. I am already suffering though. One account called because appointments are not sticking to the correct time. 10 am in Atlanta in three weeks before the patches should still be 10 after the patches. I don’t know if the account was running this or not. http://support.microsoft.com/kb/931667 . I need to check back with them.   Well here is how I got bit. Outlook kept acting weird on a few workstations at one account. They are using SalesLogix which is … Continue reading Blindsided by the US daylight savings time?

Isa, site to site vpn, routing tables

 I have a SBS account with 3 routers and 4 servers. Your typical SBS environment.   Main office: Hospital router Main office site to site router Internet router PSSSBS and Psschartlogic (sql server that syncs a folder and sql) Pssapps2  (for remote timeclock use and to see the hospital network apps)   Remote office: Clogic2 (sql server that works with psschartlogic) Remote office site to site vpn router       I had this account working for a year or more on SBS 2000. I have the remote office connecting to the main office … Continue reading Isa, site to site vpn, routing tables

My exchange is slow or I get disconnects

I get a call about Exchange having issues. A co-worker who is really good with Office applications was out the day before and could not find the answer. I wonder in and start noodling around. The workstations have XP Home except one that has Pro. There is a domain controller running Exchange. There is another “server” running XP Pro. I look at hard drive space and the whole 70 gigs is a C partition. I like to chop my servers up to at least a C: and D:. C for the operating system and applications. D: for data and things … Continue reading My exchange is slow or I get disconnects

My dhcp keeps shutting down

I have read a few posts about SBS dhcp shutting down. I don’t know if it is just SBS or not but I do know that SBS will shut down it’s dhcp service if it sees another dhcp server. I usually do two nic servers with the isp connected to the second nic. I do not recall ever seeing the dhcp server shut down with this config. I did see dhcp shut down at one account. Troubleshooting 101. Turn off all the workstations. It still shut down. Unplug everything from the switch except the sever. I started the dhcp and it … Continue reading My dhcp keeps shutting down