Blindsided by the US daylight savings time?

Blindsided by the new US daylight savings time?


I am going to be out of town that weekend. Lucky me. I am already suffering though. One account called because appointments are not sticking to the correct time. 10 am in Atlanta in three weeks before the patches should still be 10 after the patches. I don’t know if the account was running this or not. . I need to check back with them.


Well here is how I got bit. Outlook kept acting weird on a few workstations at one account. They are using SalesLogix which is a CRM. Outlook works fine when SalesLogix is not installed. I was getting all kinds of errors when installing SalesLogix. I tried and I tried but I could not get it to work. I called the var for support. Ring, no answer and no call back. I looked at the product’s website but there were no answers. Eventually someone called me back with a simple registry edit to adjust their program to play well with the new DST. The install went great and now Outlook and SalesLogix works fine. If I had only known I could have saved a lot of time. If their website had a big bold notice it would have helped. If the var had sent an email. Well maybe the var had sent an email but it was not forwarded to their part time IT staff. Me/us. On the other hand if the account had kept up to date on their SalesLogix they would not have had a problem. The most current version was already patched up with no special clicks.


When are you going to get bit?

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  1. Any chance you can share the registry hack?  I’m having the exact same problem.  Thanks!

     If you are still having the Saleslogix problem send me an email. It is not a regular account of mine. Another guy in the office “owns” the account. I can dig up the patch if you have not found it from your var. jim at haasconsulting dot net

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