Exchange 2003 IMF filter is not working. Blackberry users revolt.

I have an account that uses Blackberries. We Have Blackberry Enterprise Server installed on the server. Blackberry users are complaining about spam. The Exchange IMF was not working. We had some issues with that Exchange server a few months ago and it appeared to be working ok. Yesterday I discovered that the IMF was not working at all. Mail is delivered like this. I am not an Exchange Geek but based on what the Blackerries see I am pretty sure this is how it works. Exchange receives the email. Exchange looks at all the settings you have in Global Settings/Message Delivery/Properties. It also looks in the Administrative Group/First Administrative Group/Servers/Servername/Protocols/SMTP/Default SMTP Virtual Server/Properties/General/Advanced/Edit to see what you turned on. All those things you have checked like blacklists, filter blank senders, filter addresses not in Active Directory are run. Exchange continues to deliver the mail after processing those rules. BES grabs a copy of the email after that initial set of rules is run. The messaging AV gets the email and does its sorting but the email has already been sent off to BES. None of your Exchange server based messaging AV is going to help as the messages have were forwarded to BES.  On this server I had an error or informational message that popped up in System Manager that the Microsoft support person said we could ignore if the server seemed to be working. One way to sometimes cure a problem is to reapply a service pack. Exchange SP2 refused to install. I found some articles about uninstalling the IMF v1. Then I found a post in the SBS group about how do it this way for either v1 or v2.  I stopped all Exchange services. I stopped all messaging av. Stopped SMTP service. Stopped some of the Blackberry services.  I renamed C:\Program Files\Exchsrvr\Bin\MSCFV2 folder to oldMSCFV2. Made backup of Exchange registry key. Deleted ContentFilterState and ContentFilterVersion keys.  Deleted C:\exchsrvr\bin\contentfilter.dll. I should have renamed that but oh well. Applied Exchange Service Pack 2.  I opened regedit and I added HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Exchange dword ContentFilterState is 1. This lets you get updates for IMF via Microsoft Updates. You need to restart the SMTP service for this new key to go in to effect. I tried to run Microsoft Updates but it did not see that I needed any new IMF definitions. The “current” definition in MSCFV2 was dated 2005. I copied folders from oldMSCFV2 folder to MSCFV2. My latest definition was in the folder 6.5.7942.0. regsvr32 c:\Program Files\Exchsrvr\Bin\MSCFv2\6.5.7942.0\MSExchange.UceContentFilter.dll I started all the Exchange, Blackberry and Trend Messaging services. I had one Messaging service that was stuck stopping. I used Process Explorer to kill that process so I could restart it. 

It has trapped 244 spam with SCL or 7 or larger in less than 8 hours. That is about 25 less spam going to the four Blackberry users. The rest of the users have a little less to sort through. On the other hand the Exchange administrator now will have 1,000 messages a day to wade through.


I have no way to contact the Blackberry users to see if this working IMF is helping but the Outlook users have less to sift through.

I go to this site for a number of great Exchange tutorials.

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