I can’t get my default printer to stick on my application server. Make a group policy.

I had a user buy some wham bam Dell portable pc for $4,000. It sure was fast with Vista Ultimate, Blue Ray, Bluetooth keyboard, lots of ram and processor. Well it sort of looks like a laptop but it weighs a lot. The primary business application does not run on Vista so we set him up to use the pretty new application server. He also has a dog slow XP laptop. I could not get the default printer to stick on the application server. I would log in with one laptop and set the default printer on the application server. He would log in with the other laptop and the default printer on the application server changed. The default printer kept flopping back and forth. Every day was a new day.


So here is what I did. Group Policy management. I made a new GPO under domainname.local Windows Components/Terminal Services/Client/Server data redirection. Do not set default client printer to be default printer in a session. Enabled.


Problem of default printer flopping about due to the client machines was solved.


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