Holy cow 30 gigs of WSUS content on the wrong drive

I had a backup failure at an account. I noticed that WSUS managed to get installed on my USB backup drive when I did the last WSUS upgrade. 30 gigs of stuff in content. I clicked on just English and ran the celanup wizard. That did virtually nothing over a long, long time. Plan on a day or more on that wizard. I found this post http://forums.technet.microsoft.com/en-US/winserverwsus/thread/59b5c659-b09e-4d05-84dc-04202fa9f136/ where I ended up here http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/wsus/bb466192.aspx and downloaded the server diagnostic tool. I installed that tool at c:\wsuscleanup tool. I jumped out to the command prompt and did a cd\wsuscleanup tool. I ran this command wsusdebugtool /tool:purgeunneededfiles and a few minutes later my content was now 4.5 gigs. I can now move that folder over to my server hard drive so my backup can work. That will be another task for another day.

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