Internet Explorer crashes when viewing pdf files.

I got a call that Internet Explorer kept crashing when trying to click on a link. I suggested upgrading to Acrobat 9. That did not help. I did a site visit and got nowhere fast. I tried doing IE reset, deleting temp IE files and deleting temp files. No diff of course. To be less vague the insurance company had links to pdf files. I could save them and open them but when I would click on them in IE to view in IE it would crash IE. I gave up. A few weeks later another user at another account complains of the same thing. I went to Control Panel/Add Remove and removed the Acrobat reader. I went to Adobe and found Reader 7.x which installed fine and worked fine. No more IE crashes. I did not tempt fate by installing newer versions of Acrobat Reader. I will save that for another day.

Lately I can only find some version 8 which still works better than version 9.

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  1. I realize that I’m about a year behind with this comment, but since this was on the first page of Google results for this issue, I figured that I would share my solutions, both of which were found on eggheadcafe –

    I disabled all of the BHO’s that were enabled in Internet Explorer.

    Tools > Manage Add-Ons

    I then did the following:

    1- Open Adobe Acrobat

    2- Go to Edit > Preferences

    3-Click on Internet in the left hand menu (it might be under “Browser Integration” in older versions).

    4-Uncheck the box next to “Display PDF in Browser”, so your PDF opens directly in Acrobat if you click on a PDF link.

  2. @ # Sean Sweeney

    So its even more than a year later than your post and it still is the first link on google.

    Your fix works for the crashing issue. But it creates another issue.

    When there is an embedded PDF file it will now show as a red x. Do you have any solutions on that?

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