My SBS backups are failing. Media messages.

I can’t backup.Something about media  or it starts a backup and bombs along the way.

I start with the basics. We currently use usb drives to back up for the most part. Can you see the usb drive from My Computer? Yes is good. No means you need to power down the usb drive, check the connections on the usb cable and power it back up. If it still does not appear try plugging it in to your laptop.

Yes you see it. How much free space does it have? How many backups is the server supposed to save to the drive? 6 copies of a 60 gig backup is going to cause problems on a 300 gig drive. Adjust the number of backups saved, get a bigger usb drive or maybe some file cleanup on the server.

File cleanup on the server:

Search for old *.dmp files. Not a lot of point saving them once you figured out why the server is dumping.

Clear out old logs in the System32 folder.

Review your music  policy. When you do My Documents redirect to the server you can send a lot of music and pictures to the server that have nothing to do with work.

Encourage users to clean out their workstation Recycle bin. I use Treesize from Jamsoft. I see gigs of crud on the server because people delete stuff but they do not empty their recycle bin. Treesize is a great utility to help find wasted storage.

Search user folders for old *.tmp, *.dmp and ~*.* files. They all waste space if they are not currently in use.

Backing up to a NAS? When you ran the backup wizard did you choose to back up to \\\share or did you choose \\simpleshare\share ? Well you just introduced a dns issue. The server may sometimes know what you mean by \\simpleshare but do not bet on it. Since you set the NAS at a static ip, add a host entry in DNS on the server for that ip and name. Start\Administrative Tools\Dns. Your domain name\Forward Lookup Zones\your internal domain name. Right click on the right side and add a new host.

Backing up to a NAS makes backing up to a USB drive seem fast. About 10 gigs an hour for the Simpleshare.I am told that E-SATA is pretty fast but I have not tried it.

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