Exchange 2003 messages stuck in local delivery queue for one user

I delivered a new SBS 2003 to replace an old SBS 2003. We had some goofed up Active Directory stuff so the thought was we would just start from scratch but pick up the old Exchange database and place it on the new server. That worked fine but we had some issues with speed of backup.  The lab backup and remount worked fine but it took many hours to copy the Exchange database. Anyway there was a bit of overlap that for some reason I did an Exmerge from old server to catch 2 days of email. I really do not recall what happened but anyways. Workstations unjoined and joined to new server. Exmerged everyone back in which worked for all but one. Did an Outlook merge which looked ok. On Monday that problem user reported that he was not getting new mail but everyone else was. Seems odd but yes indeed there sat for local delivery were all of his messages. I did an export of his messages from Outlook to a pst. Deleted his mailbox. Purged the mailbox after editing the retention time. Created new mailbox. Mail was still stuck in queue. Google to the rescue. I did the regedit mentioned. Mail flowed. All was good. Google is great if you can imagine the correct search words. Plenty of times I do not find what I need. I am surely not a pioneer but I guess some folks never publicly document their victories over IT frustration.

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