Citrix ICA cache corrupt?

I don’t remember if I told this story. An account I have works on the hospital portal. They click on something and a Citrix session starts up. Click deep enough and it pops up an extranet Internet Explorer session that is supposed to set up some proxy settings. I beat my head against the wall trying to get it to work. The hospital spent time trying to fix it. I finally compose a long note to my friends to see if they had any ideas. 3 long paragraphs later I tried to do a summary flow chart. Once I did … Continue reading Citrix ICA cache corrupt?

Intel DG33 sort of dead nic

I got a call about a workstation with a dead nic. In device manager it shows up with an exclamation mark.  Vista 64 bit box. I tried to install the drivers from the Intel CD which did not help. I tried the drivers from the Intel web site which did not help. An Intel salesman calls me while I am doing this. I fuss that I am working on a DG33. He says what is that. A salesman that does not know his products. That motherboard has not been deprecated that long ago. In any event he got me a … Continue reading Intel DG33 sort of dead nic