Citrix ICA cache corrupt?

I don’t remember if I told this story. An account I have works on the hospital portal. They click on something and a Citrix session starts up. Click deep enough and it pops up an extranet Internet Explorer session that is supposed to set up some proxy settings. I beat my head against the wall trying to get it to work. The hospital spent time trying to fix it. I finally compose a long note to my friends to see if they had any ideas. 3 long paragraphs later I tried to do a summary flow chart. Once I did the summary flow chart I discovered how Citrix was in the mix. I went back and uninstalled the ICA client. Rebooted and deleted any Citrix I could see in the registry and on the hard drive. I started up the hospital portal. Installed the ICA client and started clicking to the problem website. Things went slow as the various clicks sent whatever programs the ICA wanted to send to the workstation. Everything worked. Things worked faster the next time as the workstation now had programs and settings in its cache. I guess if I knew how to delete that ICA cache it would have had the same affect, maybe. Not knowing my way around Citrix I just guess.

My take away on this troubleshooting was listing the steps I knew and filling in the blanks. Sometimes writing stuff down and flow charting forces problems and solutions to bubble up.


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