HP printer with no screen to change ip and wizard does not let you change ip

I got a call about a HP LJ2035n. The user could not see the printer using the wizard. Is the network connection on the printer lit up? No. Read the wall jack and go plug it in on the switch. Drama comments so I go to visit. Actually that is not a bad thing as the cabling infrastructure is a mess due to a remodeling project a few years ago that was done out of sequence. I get the printer plugged in and the wizard sees the printer but cannot administer it. Power cycle the printer does not help. That account does not have a dhcp server which does not help. Since the wizard on the CD did not work I thought I would try WebJetAdmin. I was having a temper tantrum as the WebJetadmin required .net 3.5 which I downloaded and installed. That little setup can take forever starting with a search for a good redistributable. Then it complained about a version of  Windows Installer. So off I went to the Dell printer to chill. I took a workgroup switch out of the Dell printer office as we did usb this time. Her HP 4000n was giving up the ghost. Back to the 2035n. I called HP with a printer configuration page on hand. They quickly had me doing a route add to that 169 automatic private IP address(APIPA).  You have probably seen that ip before when something that is supposed to see a dhcp server but it doesn’t. So it creates an ip of 169.x.x.x. I could ping once maybe and the next few replies went dead. I grabbed the just removed workgroup switch. I attached the printer and the workstation to that same baby workgroup switch and now I had good pings. I then was able to finish the wizard and assign the printer a valid ip.

I have been bit by this a few times in the past but I think I used to have an old Jetadmin cd that seemed to work ok. Or maybe it was a different switch that was not wacking or blocking the pings and communication. So one of two tools would be handy. A 5 port workgroup switch or a crossover cable. Of course a route add statement so the workstation knows how to get to a APIPA is a critical part of the adventure.

One thought on “HP printer with no screen to change ip and wizard does not let you change ip

  1. Quick tip, if you carry a Windows laptop when you visit a site, enable Internet connection sharing and connect the printer direct to your laptop using a crossover patch cable, voila, printer gets IP address and you can browse to it to set up the static IP etc.

    But really? You had to call HP to find out how to get to a printer (or any device) with an APIPA address using Route add?

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