Network print sharing devices not working, uncheck SNMP.

Application server was replaced. We had an OKI B4600 and a Dymo Labelwriter 400 attached to cheap print sharing devices. They worked fine for years. They did not work after new server. I goofed around for a lot of hours one day and Quest support was no help. They supplied the printers but not the print sharing devices. Dymo worked fine when attached to server directly via USB cable but not through usb print server. I did not try to carry the OKI ovver but it printed fine from laptop directly attached to usb cable. It happened to be a parallel print sharing device though. Another day of messing with this stuff. Two new print servers did not help. I went back to the old devices with no luck. Google like crazy wasting time. Stumble on some comment about unchecking SNMP in tcp port properties. Viola, it worked.

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