welcome to my new blog

I’ve been putting this off for a while now. Originally I had a blog space at TheSpoke, but that was really chunky.. never really felt like home.  Didn’t have that ability to tweak things us developers just seem to need.  Options are always a good thing (™).  So anyway Paul Vick posts quoting me from a conversation we were/are having, hence dragging me into the world of blogging.  I wonder if he knows what he has un-leashed … flashes of godzilla come to mind

So here I am, and here is my new blog. I have tweaked the colors a little.. hey it’s not easy being green. But setting up this blog was as easy as emailing Susan Bradley, the Diva of SBS

Thanks Susan, Paul and all you other’s for unleashing me on the world 😉

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  1.   Bill McCarthy on June 3rd, 2004          

    LOL. Thanks Paul. Should be fun !!

  2.   FRANK ARRIGO on June 23rd, 2004          

    Hello Bill

    Im glad I have found your blog!

    you are no part of the Aussie .NET bloggers list