Over the weekend, was updated to .Text 0.95.  Now we have new skins and the galleries work too.

Big thanks to Susan for working late Saturday night and early Sunday making sure it all works. Extra kudos for the way she went about it, keeping us all informed and pro-actively seeking feedback etc. Job well done !!

You can view a list of MVP bloggers at, subscribe to the rss feed at, or read the most recent posts online at

Also you can now use or as these both point to

Happy blogging !!


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  1.   Bernard on June 14th, 2004          

    But… we still can’t upload images or files 🙁

    Anyway. YES. must thanks Susan 🙂

  2.   Bill on June 14th, 2004          


    I don’t think .Text has any support for uploading files yet. The galleries feature though does let you upload images. All the pictures in my blog are now from pictures I uploaded to a gallery I created. Try it again. They work for me 🙂

  3.   Susan on June 15th, 2004          

    I have to say a HUGE thank you for cornering those domains and forwarding them to the main site.. thank YOU for that!