VB Power Pack announced

Robert Green has announced the release of the VB Power Pack on gotdotnet.

The Power Pack controls are:

  • BlendPanel. Provides a gradiant fill background you can use on forms. Set the start color, the end color and the direction for the gradiant.

  • Notification Window. Provides a way to display messages using “toast“ like Windows Messenger uses.

  • UtilityToolbar. Provides a graphical toolbar that looks and behaves very much like the one in Internet Explorer.

  • ImageButton. Provides a button that displays images on a transparent background. So your button displays just the image and not the whole rectangle with the image.

  • TaskFrame. A container for TaskPanes. This control looks and behaves like the TaskPane in Word 2003 or Excel 2003. The TaskPanes are collapsable windows that can contain any control.

  • FolderViewer. Displays a hierarchy of folders on a computer.

  • FileViewer. Displays the files in a specfied folder.