Find and Replace in VS.NET

Fiona Fung has a couple of tutorials on using Find and Replace in Visual Studio. Part 1 is here, and part 2 here.

My biggest gripe though is why the h*** do they use their “own regular expression engine”.  Why not make that consistent with the language the tool is meant to be helping you work with? Why force developers to know two different regular expression syntaxes, oen for .NET and yet a different one for VS.NET ?

I’m sorry, but that just seems stupid to me.

It would be far better if they at least had an option so as you could use .NET regular expressions in Find and Replace.

Oh yeh, and while I’m at it, it’s also about time they made those search and replace textboxes multiline.

So please *update* search and replace!  If you feel it is necessary to keep it similar to the 98 version, fine make that some retro option somewhere, but stop holding it back.

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  1.   secretGeek on June 22nd, 2004          

    well said Bill!

  2.   Mike McIntyre on June 26th, 2004          

    Yes, well said Bill.