Be a part of the Community

Yag just emailed me, telling me I’m famous   J Frank also blogged and emailed me, adding me to the Aussie bloggers opml feed. It’s nice to be surrounded by so many nice people  J

Community is good … I love it. It’s that “together” we can do it type of thing. It’s that sharing, it’s the achieving. And it’s also about caring. I think that’s one thing I love about the VB community is it has all those essential ingredients.
Reminds me in ways of my local community, where a couple of weeks ago I was invited to dinner by the local CFA, where I was presented with a twelve year service award. You are probably wondering how that is relevant to VB, right?  Well just a couple of years ago our CFA volunteer numbers were dwindling, but thanks to a local membership drive asking people to get involved our numbers are now strong again. And we have all, even ol’ timers like myself, had to undergo training. The good news is due to that hard work we are now more ready than ever to tackle the arduous tasks that may lay ahead, as well as share the good times too .

So what can you do to help your community? If you are an Aussie, get blogging, get involved, check out some of the cool things the local MS people are helping to organize.

If you are a VB’er, time to do the training, and join in the community. Get blogging, get involved.

Oh, and don’t forget to subscribe to the VB rss feed, and check out the VB community page. Hopefully someone at MSDN will wire those two together soon so we can have a VB channel  J