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Continue statement in VB.NET 2005

Mike McIntyre shows some examples of using the Continue statement in VB.NET 2005. Another cool feature of the Continue statement is it allows for the Continue to be on an outer loop. For example, if you were iterating over items in a 2 dimensional jagged array, you can use code like this:   Dim values()() […]

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None of the above.

Don’t ask a question if the question precludes the correct answer !! Unfortunately too often folk just want to hear what they want to hear, so they limit the question to a choice of the answers they have already chosen. Unfortunately Andy Pennell and Scott Nonnenberg have now fallen victim to this mind set too. […]

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How to tell if an existing assembly is Debug or Release build

When you build an assembly in Debug mode, the compiler adds the System.Diagnostics.DebbugableAttribute into the assembly’s attributes.  You can use this to determine if an assembly is a Debug build or Release build.  The following code is for a command line utility that just checks for that attribute in the specified assembly.    Private Const […]

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A Step in the right direction

I was just reading Erik Porter’s blog, and he had a code example of : Dim Count As Integer = 5For i As Integer = 0 To Count – 1     j = Math.Abs(i – (Count – 1))Next And I was thinking why ?? Why not just use VB.NET’s Step directive ? Dim Count As Integer […]

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Over the weekend, was updated to .Text 0.95.  Now we have new skins and the galleries work too.Big thanks to Susan for working late Saturday night and early Sunday making sure it all works. Extra kudos for the way she went about it, keeping us all informed and pro-actively seeking feedback etc. Job well […]

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For Each foolishness

Recently, Paul Vick posted about For Each in Vb.NET, claiming we should “thank them” for breaking the Strict semantics. Nothing could be further from the truth.  This was and is foolishness, a foolishness that removes the ability to catch errors at design time, and makes them only resolvable at run time. It breaks the very […]

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Paul’s VB Parser on gotdotnet

Paul Vick has released his first take at a VB parser on a gotdotnet workspace. Looks interesting. The next step is definitely the analysis and then hopefully the ability to create a rules engine for it.  The big questions I still have though is how does this fit in with the analysis tools that are shipping […]

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Testing, Analysis and Profiling walkthroughs available on gotdotnet

New walkthroughs are available on gotdotnet for the May 2004 preview of VS.NET 2005. The walkthroughs include: For testing: Creating and Running Unit Tests Recording and Playing Back a Web Test Creating a Coded Web Test Adding a Web Test to a Load Test For code analysis: Analyzing Managed Code for Code Defects Analyzing Native Code […]

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VB Power Pack announced

Robert Green has announced the release of the VB Power Pack on gotdotnet. The Power Pack controls are: BlendPanel. Provides a gradiant fill background you can use on forms. Set the start color, the end color and the direction for the gradiant. Notification Window. Provides a way to display messages using “toast“ like Windows Messenger […]

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Microsoft’s Security Lunacy

MS seems to have adopted a monthly/lunar cycle for security updates.  One really has to ask why and at what cost ?   Sure, there should or could be delays in shipping patches due to the need for rigorous testing, but which is the greater risk, leaving systems un-protected, or risking some glitches once a system […]

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