My Independence Day

So you are probably wondering why would an Aussie care about July 4th, right ?  Well for me it signifies a day when I gained my independence two years ago from … Tobacco.
Yep, two years ago I gave up smoking for good, after over 20 years of smoking.  At the time I was a heavy smoker and the fact it was so hard to give up made me even more determined to give up.  I just hated the idea that I was dependant. I use to say it was my choice to smoke, but it wasn’t really.  I was a junky, a tobacco junky.  I hated that thought, and I got pretty angry with tobacco for doing that. So I channeled my anger, and kicked the habit. And one things of sure I wont go back there.

So today is my independence from tobacco day. Two years down the track I am feeling good, regaining my health from earlier years. It’s amazing how insidious tobacco is, and because the detrimental effects are slow and incremental you don’t really realize just how much they impact you. So now I have lots more freedoms, freedom to travel on long flights with the wanting for a smoke, freedom to hang with the smokers or non smokers, and the freedom of enjoying activities with greater health which is an incredible freedom!

One other thing I don’t think people realize is how the addiction to tobacco is mental as well as physical. I think the mental addiction is the worse, as it actually makes people lie to themselves, saying things like “oh just one more won’t hurt”  It actually amazes me how many smart people I know seem to kid themselves about tobacco.  I doubt they would release software that had a 10% chance of crashing, burning and dieing, little less software that was 20% buggy or more. Yet what percentage of people die from tobacco related illness? 

It’s the mental addiction that fools them into illogical pretence that it won’t impact them, that’s how insidious it is. I know, BTDT, and I know how annoying reformed smokers are, I remember that too, but guess what, we will out live you smokers, and we aren’t going away, so you might as well join us, and enjoy the freedoms you in your drug crazed tobacco junky delirium think you have

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  1.   Erik Porter on July 6th, 2004          

    That’s great, Bill! Congratulations!