What to name SQL Desktop Edition 2005 ?

I like SQL Lite, but they could call it “SQL For You” or how about they give it that VB touch and make it My.SQL  😉

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  1.   William Luu on July 8th, 2004          

    Hrmm… My.SQL? Sounds too much like a particular SQL product called MySql…

  2.   Onur BIYIK on July 9th, 2004          

    waht about : "Microsoft SQL Client 2005" ? since it’s not running on a dedicated server.

  3.   Mitch Denny on July 12th, 2004          

    How about "SQL Desktop Edition 2005"? 🙂

  4.   Mike McIntyre on July 13th, 2004          


  5.   James on February 26th, 2005          

    How’bout MSDE 2005? smile