Installing VB6 without Java

As part of a recent rebuilt, I needed to install VB6.  When you try to install VB6 from the VS6 CD’s, you get prompted to install Java presumably for the sake of Visual Interdev.  I really didn’t want to install ms’s java and not their outdated version.  So a bit of monitoring with SysInternals FileMon and RegMon quickly identified the *fix*

Create a new file, name it msjava.dll and place it in your windows directory. The file can be zero length.  You can then happily install without the prompt to install Java J

Once you have installed VB6, delete the msjava.dll otherwise windows update will prompt you to update it.

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  1.   Matthew W. Jackson on September 14th, 2004          

    Installing Visual Studio 6.0 without the MS JVM

  2.   Phil on May 23rd, 2005          

    Excellent tip, thanks very much Bill !

  3.   Kees on August 5th, 2005          

    This is just the information I needed. Installing MS Java VM off the Visual Studio CD when you run a complete up-to-date Windows XP with Sun’s Java is quite useless and annoying.

    Now I can just go on installing it without the Java VM, thank you very much!