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Don’t call it SQL Express, please !

How many folks are running Windows.NET ? How many folks actually remember that over usage naming bungle ?  Well folks here we go again with SQL Express. First ask, is it “express”. Well not really, the download and install is smaller, but the actual product runs at the same speed or slower than full blown […]

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VB bloopers

You’d think reading about backward breaking changes from .NET 1.1 to 2.0 would be serious kind of reading, but it’s good to see the VB team has a sense of humour about them. Here’s some of their “bloopers” : Upgraded apps that use VB Collection through inconsistent implementation of Ilist (very unlikely scenario) may be […]

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Intelligent agents for blogs?

When the Express versions of .NET 2005 hit the web, the blogs ran wild. Phil Weber called them cyclic redundancy.But would we expect a newspaper not to publish a news story because another paper had? No we wouldn’t as that would presume that readers had read the other paper. News is news, and blogs often […]

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Microsoft’s Security Lunacy (continued)

This is a continuation of my earlier rant from weeks ago.  The security issue has still not been addressed. That is to date, 25 days later.  However on day 24 of this latest security issue Microsoft did release the ADODB patch. What they didn’t tell everyone is that their disabling of ADODB being called from […]

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My Independence Day

So you are probably wondering why would an Aussie care about July 4th, right ?  Well for me it signifies a day when I gained my independence two years ago from … Tobacco.Yep, two years ago I gave up smoking for good, after over 20 years of smoking.  At the time I was a heavy […]

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