It’s Spring ..

I sometimes travel a lot, and lose track of which season is which and where.  Well without doubt it’s spring here down under, and I’ll make a note here just in case the old grey matter forgets ? 

August was a great month. The first two weeks we had lots of rain, over 5 inches, which is about the monthly average (eat your heart out Seattle-onians) .   Then the next two weeks were way above average temperatures, absolutely beautiful days with the temp in the 20’s (Celsius) , with just a couple of days rain. 

Plumcots flowered early this year, mid August, no doubt because of the warm temps.  Frosts have stayed away, so damage to the early blossoms should be minimal.  Early leave buds are now open.  Most of the orchard is also in blossom, except the chestnuts of course <g>

This year I decided to catch up on my native plantings, and bought in 250 seedlings (see list below).  Most are planted now,  although I still have about 50 which need to go out this weekend.  I planted them the hard way, digging bucket size holes and mixing in compost, then guarding them. The Eucalypts got milk carton tree guards instead of the plastic guards, so the old horse holding yard where I planted the Euc’s looks like the works of a mad dairy farmer trying to grow milk <g> 

All the seedlings are doing really well, and most have new growth on them already. The late planting looks like it will be a success, although I dare say I will be getting weekly exercise bucketing water to them if the rain doesn’t come regularly. 

So, here’s the list.  Some are indigenous, most are native, and the leucadendrons and proteas, well hey, I just can’t stop myself around them <g>  Oh, and if you are from California well look away now as most of these are probably classified as weeds over there.

Acacia baileyana 5
Acacia elata 5
Acacia floribunda 5
Acacia iteaphylla 5
Acacia melanoxylon 10
Acacia pravissima 5
Acacia retinodes 5
Banksia ericifolia 5
Banksia giant candles 5
Banksia marginata 5
Banksia occidentalis 10
Banksia Serrata 5
Callistemon salignus var. Roseus 5
Callistemon viminalis 5
Casuarina glauca 5
Eucalyptus aromaphloia 5
Eucalyptus bicostata 10
Eucalyptus botryoides 10
Eucalyptus globulus 10
Eucalyptus gomphocephala 10
Eucalyptus macrorhyncha 10
Eucalyptus maculata 5
Eucalyptus obliqua 10
Eucalyptus ovata 10
Eucalyptus viminalis 10
Hakea laurina  10
Hakea saligna 5
Leptospermum copper glow 5
Leptospermum petersonii 10
Leucadendron lancelot 5
leucadendron oriental blush 5
Leucadendron red countess 5
Melaleuca sp. 15
Melaleuca stypheldes 5
Protea clark’s red 5
Protea coronet 5

Oh, and it’s amazing to see how easy it is to search on google for pictures of most of these plants that just ten years ago would have been difficult to find any reference to without having to go to a well stocked library in person.