Microsoft Musicals…..

As part of MS’s new push into digital rights, ipod, online music, the development teams are starting to get in tune.  Don Box let part of the new code names slip in his recent chanel 9 video.  Well here, straight from the department of disinformation is the scoop. The new Microsoft Muscials.

The first implementation is  DohRayMe ….

Doh –  the sound MS’s security team makes
Ray –  Avalon vector graphics
Me –  the VB team
Far – the C++ team
So – Service Orientated has to be Indigo
La –  ????
Ti – SQL Yukon

The big question of course is what is La ?  Well our under cover agents have dug up what could be a bug hint. Apparently Marry Poppins said La was what comes after So.  So maybe LA is the next version of service based communication after indigo.  Does La stand for “latency adjusting” ?  the complete abstraction of both remoting and services that is dynamically adaptable ?

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  1.   Kathleen Dollard on September 17th, 2004          

    Um, why is Ti Yukon?