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New look ???

A few weeks ago Susan, the SBS Diva, emailed a few of us about moving the pictures from our blog galleries.  I had been using the .Text galleries as a convenient store for my blog (seemed to make sense at the time).   Luckily there weren’t that many  At the same time, I thought I would […]

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All your thoughts belong to us…

Today I heard about the VB team applying for a patent on the IsNot operator.  This has got to be one of the saddest days for intellectual property that I have encountered. My first reaction was won’t that patent stifle 3rd party products such as SharpDevelop.  And it really does raise an issue that goes […]

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Background compilation and automatic transmissions.

A major feature that VB.NET has that C# is still currently lacking is background compilation.  Background compilation is much like having an automatic transmission, instead of a manual.  The background compilation does the menial task for you. Traditionally, most folk thing of automatic transmissions as being expensive and less fuel efficient.   The up-front cost in […]

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