Product support.

An email I got today was asking about Microsoft support for Visual Basic 5 and also about Visual Basic 6 and asp.   I knew that they were both just about out of time (as far as MS is concerned) but thought I’d better check….

lists VB6 main stream support as finishing on March 31st.  After that date there will be no service packs, and you will have to pay for any hot fixes or calls to Microsoft.

VB5 has already shifted into the so called “extended support” phase.
For developer tools life cycles, see here.

Oh, I should point out that main stream support for VBA 6.0 goes for about 3 more years, till 2008.  So it’s probably not a technological thing, it’s just that VBA is critical to sales when you compare Office to free products such as Open Office. But if they are supporting ActiveX, the VB runtime, and all that good ol’ COM goodness for their own products, well it would be nice if they would do the same for those who used their tools to create great windows applciations for small to medium businesses ….. ah dogfood