Where is that printer ??

I blogged earlier about product support lifecycles.  Okay, I use to have the URL’s but I didn’t so I used google.  Often it’s quicker than trying to look through any list of URLs I might keep anyway
So I searched for
+”Visual Basic 6″ +support +lifecycle +site:.microsoft.com

When I saw the last link on the google results page, I thought, oh cool, perhaps Eric Rudder announced something at the PDC I must have missed.  Unfortunately searching that document for Visual Basic 6, just brought up more broken promises

Yes, this was the excerpt from the PDC where Eric and Ari demo’d using the My classes for simple printing.  Sadly, Microsoft has decided to cut that very feature from Whidbey.

So folks, just in case you haven’t heard it before, NO you won’t have simple printing in VB.NET 2005 (as was promoted). 

Maybe in 2007 ???