More on Aliasing and Versioning ..

Yesterday I blogged about Aliasing in Vb.NET and how I would like that to be extended to add more power, flexibility and to address future needs of versioning.  They syntax I proposed was :

   Imports [alias = ]NamespaceOrType[@Assembly[,version]]

In the above, “alias” can have dot syntax in it, and Assembly probably should allow paths.  The []’s denote an option that can be included or optionally not

Another Aussie, Mitch, read my post, and said that we can’t do versioning and it would be too hard to add to the CLS.  Well first in my defense, obviously my “wish” was looking forward and talking about features that a language will need. As .NET reaches maturity, versioning issues will become more and more an issue.

Secondly though, and most importantly, in .NET 2.0 you can indeed use versioning inside the same appdomain.  In fact, we will see this very thing in C# 2.0 with new overloaded meaning to the extern keyword.  So yes, it can be done, in fact it will be done in VS.NET 2005 for C#, but at present no news for this for VB.NET …

Hmmm… perhaps that post of Mitch’s was a devilish plot to get me to say “but you can do this in C#” …. D’oh