What’s on your USB key ?

I read some great lists of software people have on their USB keys, but so far no-one has included one very very important thing … the ability to boot of the key !

On my USB key I have dos 6.2 and windows 3.1 and I can boot of the key and run windows 3.1 GUI   Amazingly, that weighs in at about 8 MB for windows, and about 3 MB for DOS and a ntfs file reader, and of course Ghost.  On the pen I also have Dell’s diagnostics software.

So with my meager, (old) , 64 MB pen, I can boot to windows (albeit 3.1) , perform all hardware diagnostics for my laptop,  etc, and still have 45 MB free space on it 

What’s on your USB key ?

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  1.   Richard Quinn on December 29th, 2004          

    I have my RSA certificates and my PGP keyring on it

  2.   Brian H. Madsen on December 31st, 2004          

    Hey Bill, traced you over from Bill Ryan’s blog..

    i’m not sure where i left my brain, but i’ve never actually thought about using the key for anything other than bringing files home to work with (that was actually why i paid the fugly $189 for it!!!!).

    I’ve now seen the light…excellent idea!! gonna fill out my meagre 256mb usb key with useful stuff now!

  3.   Bill McCarthy on December 31st, 2004          

    don’t forget to load Windows 3.1 on there just for fun ……

    hmmm… that reminds me… I should try to find the old trumpet winsock and Netscape 1.2

  4.   Brian H. Madsen on December 31st, 2004          

    i’m going to try NOT to load winblows 3.1 onto it but i definitely need the dell diagnostics software and ghost…

  5.   Bob on May 4th, 2005          

    Files are on my USB key

  6.   Brimmy on July 5th, 2005          

    Puppy linux boot, portable browser and email client… oh yeah and files