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Dr. Pete has been assimilated …

in more way than one.  Not only has bloging got a hold of him (and MSN spaces ), but looks like Halo assimilated him to the other side as well Add him to your blog lists … Dr Pete is another cool Aussie on whom’s every word you should hang 

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Off with the fairies

Friday 6:30 PM (last night) I decided to take it to go see the sunset.  12 apostles seems like a nice place.  So we set off and took the scenic route .. that’s the windy road through the hills of course . Arrive at the 12 apostles after a quick visit to the blow hole, […]

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Rounding up Rhinos

It arrived earlier this week     Love the luxury.   Had a beautiful drive through the Otways and along the Great Ocean road.  If this is mid life crisis, all  I can say is BRING IT ON !!!!

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Smoking makes you stupid

As a reformed smoker, ( and a reformed bearded person for that matter),  I just loved this article in today’s paper. Oh, and they stink too

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Bearded women ??

The absurdity of relating programming languages to facial hair apart from being… well absurd  … seems to preclude women, other than circus freaks, from being able to create a good programming language.  Must be time to hang those sexists up by their beards But let’s not forget there is apparently a slight correlation between beards […]

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