Strongly typed resources and intellisense

In Whidbey both Vb.NET and C#  get strongly typed resources.   But the intellisense story is very different

When hovering over a resource named AResourceString in C#, intellisense display the type information and the comments, hence displaying the default value for the resource..




In Vb.NET, this is all you get, just the type:



So as you can see, editing the C# code is much more friendlier. You can tell instantly that AResourceString defaults to “this shows in C# but not VB”.

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  1. (Aaron Weiker) on February 8th, 2005          

    I thought it was supposed to be the other way around. VB.NET is more user friendly that C#. Talk about a drastic change of events. Pretty soon C# with have E&C and VB.NET won’t, they’ll just have a command line debugger.