Over 200 MVPs !!

Wow, over 200 MVPs have signed the petition to Microsoft asking for a better road forward for VB6.  Total signatories as I write this is already over 1500 !!

And reading the blogsphere there are other great names who haven’t signed the petition that also think Microsoft needs to do something better there, including Dan Appleman, Kathleen Dollard, Scott Swigart and even Microsoft’s one and only Paul Vick.

Of course there is a wide range of opinions on what Microsoft should do there to address the issue.  But the real point is there is a lot of people who really feel it is up to Microsoft to address that issue !!

Personally, I recommend putting your signature on the petition to make sure Microsoft gets the message.  It’s not like it is a binding contract on MS, but the key points are listed  :

1. Preservation of assets

2. Continued support for the Visual Basic language

3. Ease of migration of unmanaged VB/VBA code to VB.NET

Really I think that’s what we all want, and what Visual Basic, both version 6 and .NET, need.

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  1.   Phil Weber on March 13th, 2005          

    Bill: The "Visual Basic language" is fully supported in the form of VB.NET. Unless you mean "the VB 6.0 language," in which case that’s what you should say. 😉

  2.   Bill McCarthy on March 13th, 2005          

    Hey Phil,

    Those points, 1 to 3, are from the petition. On point 2 it says :

    "Microsoft should demonstrate a commitment to the core Visual Basic language. This core should be enhanced and extended, and changes should follow a documented deprecation process. "

    I think that patly applies to *both* VB6 and VB.NET, as neither at present has a documented deprecation process.

  3.   Bill McCarthy on March 13th, 2005          

    aptly applies that is