I finally got a hitachi travelstar 7K60 7200 RPM

Wow, it’s taken a while to track down one of these 9.5mm hard drives in Australia.  Most places had them on back order.  Anyway, yesterday I finally got my hands on one.  I went for just 60 GB.

So the upgrade was from a Hitachi Travelstar 60GB to another one, the big difference being the move from an old 4200 RPM drive to a new 7200 RPM drive.  The difference is huge, way more than adding a 1GB of memory made smile

Start up time , the time from when I do the bios boot password till windows opens and then opens an explorer window (“functional startup“), is down by at least 25%.  VPC now rocks.  The speed of opening most (all?) apps is also significnatly faster.  Without doubt the bottle neck was the hard drive.  Money well spent !!  smile

The 7K60 is however noticeably louder.  Not an annoying noise to me though.  I’m not sure if the total noise is louder or just that it’s more noticeable because the same noise is heard in a more compact tiem frame

Anwyay, if you have a laptop using an older hard drive, definelty consider this upgrade. It’s only a couple of hundred $, and gets a big vote for best value for $$’s in my book.




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  1.   X-COM on March 19th, 2005          

    i have a 7k60 too, amazing 😉

  2.   Greg on April 29th, 2005          

    I’m running a 4200 RPM Travelstar that is just far too slow for normal use. 🙁

    Where did you purachse the 7K60 and what was the price?