VB6 “kind of” supported in Longhorn

From todays chat with Eric Rudder:

“We have heard a large number of folks ask for VB6 runtime support on Longhorn. We will do this.” [Eric Rudder]

David Burggraaf-MSFT (Expert):
Q: what is the role of native/COM C++ development going forward? Is this something that Microsoft will actively encourage and support?
A: YES! Both native C++ and COM development will be fully supported for the far distant future.

So folks there we have it:

  •  VB6 runtime will be supported probably till 2012 or thereabouts (Longhorn +5 + extended support from there).
  •  Com is still supported into the “far distant future”
  • And VB6 IDE, (programming tools) is NOT supported anymore uhm… well because it’s COM based ??

Hmmm … what I miss there.  VB6 runtime till 2012 , right !   C++ COM support for far distant future, right !  VB6 programming tools, FOAD, right !   Ah, of course, we are ONLY talking about preserving Microsoft’s code assets not its customers…at least not if you are a VB customer.


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  1.   Matthew on March 21st, 2005          

    I think its reasonable to have support for programming languages shorter than support for programs compiled in those languages.

    One is to do with supporting ‘programmers’, the other to do with ‘users’. They are a significantly different client base, with significantly different needs.

  2.   Bill McCarthy on March 21st, 2005          

    Hey Matthew,

    First, it’s important to remember that with VB6 (and VBA especially) the user is often the programmer.

    But the key point here is that there technically is no reason to stop support for the VB6 tools especially when Microsoft is continuing support for thier C++ COM tools.