Run VBRun, run ….

Today Microsoft has put up a web site devoted to VB6 developers !

Nice to see … It’s a small step in the right direction albeit years late

Does it address the issues VB6 users face ? No, of course not. All it does is consolidate information already out there. Vb6 users are still faced with a costly and time consuming upgrade process.

Anyway, this is a good step forward. Let’s hope they don’t stop at this though. Much much more needs to be done. Sadly, since Microsoft went .NET and stated some 3 years ago they were planning EOL for VB6, the VB developer community has shrunken by 25 % (according to Evans Data). When you are loosing developers at that rate, you really need to stop and admit there was a mistake made.

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  1.   Eric G. Harrison on April 6th, 2005          

    A loss of 25% of VB 6 developers isn’t necessarily a bad thing. I’m part of that 25%. I moved to VB.Net. I’m sure that Microsoft is pretty pleased about that conversion.

    I wonder what % of that 25% went to VB.NET or C# as opposed to RealBasic or Java. From what I see in my world, most went to VB.NET or C#…

  2.   Bill McCarthy on April 6th, 2005          

    Hey Eric,

    Actually my understanding is the 25% is those who moved away from all VB including VB.NET. Many of them moved to C#, some to Java some to Delphi etc.