Size does matter .. (or it’s the little things that put a smile on your face)

For some time now, the VS IDE team has been a bit in denial, but at last they’ve seen the light that size really does matter.


In VS.NET 2005 you can resize the add references dialog !!!!!!!!


That should put a smile on most folk’s dial smile You can now see the name as well as the path without having to horizontally scroll !

Of course it’s still all in how you use it

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  1.   Geoff Appleby on April 13th, 2005          

    Ah yes, but can we finally drag a project onto the ‘references’ node in the solution explorer to make a project reference? now _that_ would save me most of my time in that dialog smile

  2.   Scott S. on April 14th, 2005          

    I’ll second Geoff’s comment… Took the words right out of my mouth (or keyboard).

  3.   richardC on April 14th, 2005          

    You were not there at the last MVP submit but I asked for it: every dialog window must be resizable ;-)))

  4.   Mitch Denny on April 15th, 2005          

    Amen brother!