Shhh!! It’s a secret…..


If you are a C# kind of person look away now, we don’t want yu getting an extreme case of VB envy …




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  1.   Len Weaver on April 30th, 2005          

    Why would refactoring support in VB cause ‘an extreme case of VB envy’ in c# devs? c# already supports refactoring support.

  2.   Paul Webb on May 5th, 2005          

    ….Not to mention C# has Resharper which is based on InteliJ and kicks the pants of pretty much any other refactoring tool out there, and generally enhances the Visual Studio IDE experience. Sadly not for VB. It’s also been around for quite some time. No VB-Envy For me! Nice try though

    Heres some more info on Steve Maine’s blog:,guid,c84fb408-a764-48f4-870e-498191031c89.aspx

    Seriously though if it’s as good as or better than Resharper, which I doubt ‘cos it’s a big ask, that’s really good for the VB community because these sorts of tools are great.

  3.   Paul Webb on May 5th, 2005          

    Actually …. looks like the next version of Resharper (v2.0) is going to have VB support too. Equal playing field