Microsoft please fix Courier New


I got to admit, when I read code if it’s not in Courier New, it seems to take longer to register as code.  I need my Courier New. 

But that doens’t mean I’m happy with it.  I dislike it’s lower case L , l and it’s 1.  It’s 1 should be like Arial’s, and the l more like Tebuchet MS.  It’s O and 0 are also annoying. The zero should be more like Terminals 0 (but not as bold.)


So just 3 simple changes, and man I would be SOOOOOOO  HAPPY !!! smile


So how about it MS, could you please, pretty pretty please gives us a “Courier New For Programmers”  smile

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  1.   Ayende Rahien on June 12th, 2005          

    Why not use something better?

    Like ProFont For Windows?

  2.   Bill McCarthy on June 13th, 2005          

    Hey Ayende,

    Thanks for the link, but honestly, those fonts suck in comparison to Courier New. And that’s the crux of the problem, it’s hard to find a good TTF that’s mono spaced. I’ve looked before, and was disappointed like I was this time. Courier New really is a lovely font, scales well, highly readable etc, except those 3 letter, 1, l and 0.