So what is in Paul’s talk ?


The now famous (or should that be notorious ? ๐Ÿ˜‰ ) Paul Vick will be presenting on the future of VB.NET at the PDC.   At present his abstract is a little vague, only mentioning:

  language features that will improve developer productivity, including new features that enable optimized queries over objects, XML, and databases in a consistent way.

So will VB.NET have things like “extension methods, lambda expressions, type inference, and anonymous types” that C# is getting ? 

The answer, of course, is yes.  In Orcas, (that’s the next version of Visual Studio .NET 2005), the next big push for all the languages is bringing the world of general purpose programming and the world of data closer together.  This push is being led internally at Microsoft by the Visual Data team , a team that comes under the same umbrella as the Visual Basic .NET team.  The C# team is outside this “umbrella”, but the guys are working with the C# team too, as part of the happy Visual Studio family at Microsoft.

Does this mean that VB will have an unfair advantage of C# ?

Well d’uh, of course, it always has, just now the feature set will become more obvious.  Rumour has it , Visual Basic will have more in this realm.  It’s understandable, though because Vb has been carefully architected in this direction for a long time now.  Microsoft’s brushings with C based languages hasn’t as such.  For example, dynamic programming, as has always been a part of VB, makes a lot of this realm of dynamic queries and type inference happen more smoothly.  

An example today in 2005, where VB.NET allows for events to be handled within the class that defines the event, this feature has been used by the Visual Data team in the new data source tools, allowing strong typing without the need for inheritance.  That’s just a simple example of Vb’s advanced features in this realm working nicer with the stuff the Visual Data team provides.  And yes viewers, stayed tuned for even more in that space ๐Ÿ˜€

But if you are a C# user, don’t feel totally left out.  C# will have “some” of the features.  And let’s not forget that in C# you can still write unsafe code (although you’d be better of writing MC++;) ) 

So maybe that’s what Paul meant when he said “developer productivity”.. hmmm… focusing on the things that matter  ๐Ÿ˜‰

PDC… Bring the good news on !!!

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  1.   Fan on August 23rd, 2005          

    Will these new features announceable after PDC?