more trees


This year I’ve decided to plant a little earlier than last year.  The weather is mild, a little windy, it feels much like an early spring.  I was very happy with the milk carton tree guards last year, they worked very well, so I got more of them for this year’s lot.

Not planting as many this time round, only 100 or so.  I’ve also got about another 50 of the local peppermint (Eucalyptus radiata) that I’m growing. Pricked them out from a sand bed a couple of weeks ago or so.  They’re only at the four to six leave stage, so they’ll be a while yet.  Anyway,  just picked up the other 100 seedlings today. This years plantings will be:

Acacia pycnantha 5
Acacia vestita 5
Acacia floribunda 5
Acacia iteaphylla 5
Acacia howittii 5
Acacia retinodes 5
Banksia marginata 5
Eucalyptus alpina 5
Eucalyptus nicholii 5
Eucalyptus pauciflora 5
Eucalyptus leucoxylon 5
Eucalyptus radiata 10
Eucalyptus obliqua 10
Eucalyptus viminalis 10
Melaleuca laterita 5
Melaleuca diosmifolia 5
Melaleuca hypericifolia 5