Blog birthdays…


Oh dear, I missed my blog’s birthday…. It’s now a bit over a year old.  The only reason i noticed was Paul (Who, BTW, is responsible for me blogging ) talked about his blog’s birthday, and Geoff also posted about his blog’s birthday.

Interesting, well on a tangent, I also got an email from Susan, where “some person” said when speaking of the blogs on msmvps “. But it seemed most of those I clicked on were hopelessly out of date “.  Hmmmpppphhh is what I say to that   Personally I like blogs that post, say once a week,…  Quality not quantity.  Take for example say Robert Scoble’s blog.. Okay sure sometimes there’s some interesting stuff in there, but it’s a lot of entries to wade through.  Reality is, if you post 5 or more entries every day, I’m not going to have time to read your blog, at best I might skin the subject line.

So what got me thinking on this slight tangent was just the co-incidences of events, and Paul’s blog entry talking about the history of blogging.   I still remember some years ago when Robert was working for Dave Whiner, and discussions we had in some funky little newsgroup about it. ( I think that “ramp” has now gone).  Funny how most people, myself included, thought blogging was like a public diary, very very extrovert ….

But since then blogging has filled different niches.  I only really read technical blogs, so I am in fact oblivious to what else is going on in the world of “Dear diary’s”.  But in the world of technical knowledge and sharing, I think blogs are one of the most useful sources of information.  with the aid of search engines like google, blogs can  be one of the most useful sources of information..  No wonder google ranks them first.

So congrat’s to Robert for sticking with it.  Without doubt his passion for blogging (or is that a passion for being an extrovert ?) has helped blogs grow inside MS, and hence helped add substance to technical blogs, such as Paul’s and Geoff’s.   

I don’t think we are there yet though, there’s really to much “noise”, not enough consolidation, no smart sharing/filtering.  so for many people, people who don’t have time to wade through it all, well much will slip by.  Hopefully one day it will be more of a collective kind of sharing.. oh, no, I said “collective”…  I can see the slashdot picture of Bill G already   Except in this collective, to keep the noise levels down, we might have to unplug Scoble   oh, dang, that’s right MS did that long long time ago… maybe that just goes to show Blogs truly are viral… Enjoy smile